The Legacy of the 1848/49 Revolution in European Perspective

The 175th anniversary of the 1848/1849 Revolution provides an occasion to revisit scholarly reflections on democratic awakenings and political mobilisation. In an age when citizens in Europe continue to express their distrust of political elites, it seems appropriate to hold a conference that seeks to examine the legacy of the first significant momentum of democratic aspirations on German soil. The approach of the interdisciplinary event sets itself apart from common approaches because it asks about the transnational interconnections and the European perspective of this heritage. Accordingly, Europe as a vanishing point of political mobilisation will serve as a guideline for the contributions to this event.

The public panel discussion will take place on 29 September at 7 pm in the Sonnemann Hall of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt. Admission is free.

Access to the programme of the event.

PI Sandra Seubert leitet Panel 2 ein mit GraKo Kollegiatin Lena Grigert (Disskutantin) und GraKo Assoziertem Mitglied Moritz Fromm
Panel 2: Politische Mobilisierungen für ein demokratisches Europa:
Dr. Sven Altenburger, Moritz Fromm, Lena Gigerl, Prof. Dr. Sandra Seubert
Sandra Seubert im Gespräch mit Daniel Cohn-Bendit auf Veranstaltung "Das Erbe der Revolution 1848/49 in europäischer Perspektive"
Demokratische Aufbrüche und Europa heute: Prof. Dr. Sandra Seubert im Gespräch mit Daniel Cohn-Bendit